26 January, 2015

Vegetarian Courtesy is now bilingual!

Can you tell how excited I am?/ ¿Se nota que emocionada estoy?
With a recent following of Latin American bloggers, I've decided to celebrate by officially making my blog bilingual! If you didn't already know, Spanish is my first language. Although born in the United States, I wasn't taught a speck of English until I was four (while still learning more Spanish).
Another little blog treat is that I made a new background and added some subject links on the side bar; easier access for whatever you're looking for. ~.o

Also remember that I have the "Translate" button on the top left corner of my blog for any other languages. I know that you can use it for Spanish as well, but I tried it once and it did such a horrible job. -.- It's just like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid says, "You want something done, you've got to do it yourself."

Hope you all enjoy the new look and expect many more lovely blog posts this year!
Don't forget to follow me on my social media sites as well. c;
Have an amazing Monday, everyone.

Con una persiga reciente de bloggers Latino Americanos, ¡he decidido a celebrar por oficialmente convirtiendo mi blog bilingüe! Si todavía no sabias, el español es mi primer lenguaje. Aunque nací en los Estados Unidos, nunca me enseñaron ni siquiera una mota de inglés hasta que tuve cuatro años (mientras todavía aprendiendo mas español). Otro regalito de blog es que construí un nuevo fondo y puse enlaces de sujetos en la barra lateral; acceso fácil para lo que quieran encontrar. ~.o

{Porque este es mi primer entrada de blog en español} recuerdan que tengo un botón "Translate" arriba en el lado izquierdo de mi blog; también sirve para otros lenguajes. Yo se que pueden nomas usar eso envés de que yo lo escriba en español, pero esque intente a usarlo una vez y traducido todo muy horrible. -.- Es como dice Sebastián de la película La Serenita, "Si quieres algo echo, lo tienes que hacer tu mismo."

¡Ojalá todos disfruten la nueva vista y esperen muchas mas entradas lindas de blog este año!
No te olvides a también seguirme en mis redes sociales. c;
 Tengan un lunes asombroso.


  1. Wonderful idea! Although I don't speak Spanish myself, I'm sure many of your followers will appreciate this.

    1. Thank you so much; I'm sure they will. :)

  2. Glad you are getting lots of new bloggers!
    Lynne x

  3. You have the coolest blog ever! You talk about so many interesting things that make us think!!!
    And now more languages0,,, WOW! COOL!

    1. Aww, thank you Tweedles.<3 And I appreciate your lovely support. (:

  4. Bonito blog. Voy a leerlo un ratin. Un beso y medio!!


  5. Holaa :) estas nominada, pasate por mi post. Besis

  6. That's so thoughtful of you! I wish I could speak Spanish hehe. I've been having trouble following your blog :c I added your URL to the reading list, but then the following message popped up: "You have followed this URL, but we couldn't find a feed for it." :c deffo checking on your blog regularly, though, because I love your posts hehe



    1. Aww no worries. Hahah
      I've thought about learning other languages too but I'm so lazy. ;___;
      You are listed on my readers, so blogger is probably having one of those dumb glitches going on. -.- But thank you so much for checking up on me and my blog! ;3 lol<3

  7. congrats, hope the best for your blog :))


  8. Haha I love the Sebastian quote! you sound like my niece, she grew up speaking Spanish at home but is now in pre-k and is learning some English... she is a fast learner!


    1. Thanks! Ha.
      That's really cool; hopefully she continues speaking Spanish. It's such a shame when people don't know how to speak their native tongue. ;(

  9. That is a unique idea :) x



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