24 February, 2015

Beat your unhealthy withdrawals!

The unavoidable withdrawals from an unhealthy lifestyle are the worst; in this case, I'm talking about food and exercise! Ever started a fitness routine just to find yourself craving sweets or a heavy meal right after? Don't let the feelings consume you. Like most things, this too shall pass.

It's all psychological; your body is experiencing a sudden change and wants to immediately seek comfort. What is comfort? The old habits. Surpass the withdrawal symptoms of sugar addicting, grease-absorbed foods by being strong and making alternatives. For example, if you just ate a healthy meal and want a triple chocolate fudge cake, grab some fruit instead. Never feel like you cannot commit to bettering yourself. If the feeling is that strong, add your favorite yogurt to the fruit with (optional) some granola. And when you feel like you have limited time to exercise, dance! The little things are essential in living a fruitful life. :)

What do you do to keep healthy?

¡Vence a tus retiros insalubre!
Los retiros inevitables de una vida insalubre es lo mas peor; en este caso, yo estoy hablando de comida y ejercicio! ¿Has tenido una rutina de aptitud nomas para encontrarte con las ansias para postre o comida pesada? No dejes que estos sentimientos te consuman. Como muchas cosas, esto también pasara.

Todo es psicológico; tu cuerpo esta sintiendo cambios repentinos y quiere sentir comodidad inmediatamente. ¿Qué es la comodidad? Los hábitos viejos. Supera los síntomas de adiciones al azúcar y comidas grasosas por buscar alternativas. Por ejemplo, si apenas comiste comida saludable y te dan ganas de un pastel triple chocolate, agarra fruta envés. Nunca sientas como que tu no puedes cometer a mejorarte. Si el sentimiento es fuerte, le puedes añadir tu yogur favorito a las frutas con (opcional) un poco de granola. Y cuando solo tienes tiempo limitado para hacer ejercicio, ¡baila! Las cosas pequeñas son esencial en viviendo una vida fructífero. :)

¿Qué haces para mantenerte saludable?

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  1. I also try to eat more healthy and exercise more recently.
    At the beginning, it was very hard because I used to eat a lot
    of cake, chocolate and cookies, but now I don't even crave these
    things anymore.
    Nevertheless, I think you should have one day a week when you eat something you really
    enjoy and don't care about the sugars or calories or whatever - then it is easier to eat healthy the rest of the week. At least, this helps me. ;)


    1. Ugh, same!
      But oh yes, I looove cheat days! Hahaha
      I can never get rid of chocolate.<33 And cheat days help out as a treat for being so good. x)

  2. Great post! I agree with you when you say it's the little things that matter~ c: It's definitely a challenge for me to consistently eat healthy and exercise so I always indulge in something a little sweet every now and then ^^;

    1. Thank you! And I know what you mean. I indulged in some sweet bread today. >____>
      But I go to the gym and eat healthy most of the time, so it all evens out. Hahah
      However, health and exercise can be quite tricky to grow accustomed to at first; but never give up!

  3. I agree, it is so hard to stop yourself having something unhealthy when you exercise. Every time I go for a long walk my body thinks I have to reward it with a piece of cake - bad body!
    Lynne x

    1. It's so difficult to resist at first, but then your body starts to understand what's going on. Still, I could never fully get rid of cake! Hahaha

  4. Ahh, maravilloso!! Me encanta que compartes en inglés y español. :]
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Me da mucho gusto que lo disfrutes. c:


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