03 April, 2015

The Privileged Life of a Vegetarian.

Can vegetarianism really be that special and unique? Honestly, I believe so. Here are some of my reasons on why the vegetarian lifestyle is a privilege to have.

1. You're doing your body right.
When you learn to love fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains, (if you already haven't) the discipline in cooking healthy meals becomes simple, and so does the lifestyle. Knowing your do's and dont's will make vegetarianism a piece of cake.

2. You're able to be more open-minded.
I say "able" because not everyone does this, but vegetarianism can open your eyes to many things aside from animal cruelty. You can learn about people and have a better understanding as to why they are the way they are, and not hate them after.

3. Self-discipline is achievable.
So maybe a couple of vegetarians aren't morning people, that doesn't mean that they can't become one. Many folks are always saying, "I can never do this, that is too hard, why would someone do that, etc". However, healthy vegetarians really can't put up an excuse, which is a good thing! If you can change your life in such a drastic way, then you've officially proven that you can accomplish anything.

4. Life seems brighter.
Not saying that vegetarians can't go through hard times, but most regular days are lived with eyes wide open. Thanks to reason number three, there is always time to improve, and that can be done much easier than believed. When you feed your body right, you feel right both physically and mentally. You can feel good emotionally as well and can surpass any life obstacles with better ease.

5. ANYONE can enjoy vegetarian food.
"It sucks you've become vegetarian, because now you'll be missing out on so much food that we can't share anymore", says the silly omnivore. Rather than thinking that the human life revolves around meat, go out there and experience new and delicious foods with no meat in them. A pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, and others can't eat a 1/2 pound non-veggie burger, but an omnivore can drink a fruit smoothie, or eat a spinach and cheese quesadilla. No one is excluded, which makes vegetarianism one of the most special and unique lifestyles. Don't feel left out, vegans, you all count too. ~.o

La Vida Privilegiada de un Vegetariano.

¿Vegetarianismo en verdad puede ser tan único y especial? Honestamente, creo que si. Aquí hay algunas razones porqué el estilo de vida de vegetariano es un privilegio tener.

1. Estas haciendo bien a tu cuerpo.
Cuando aprendes a amar frutas, vegetales, frijoles, y granos, (si todavía no lo has echo) la disciplina en cocinar comida saludable se convierte simple, y también el estilo de vida. Sabiendo lo que puedes y no puedes hacer hará el vegetarianismo fácil.

2. Eres capaz de ser más abierta(o).
Digo "capaz" porque no todos lo hacen, pero vegetarianismo puede abrir tus ojos a cosas más que la crueldad de animales. Puedes aprender acerca de otra gente y tener una mejor compresión de por qué son como son, y no odiarlos.

3. La autodisciplina es alcanzable.
Ala mejor hay vegetarianos que no les gustan las mañanas, pero eso no significa que no se pueden convertir en unos que les guste. Muchas personas siempre están diciendo, "Yo nunca podría hacer esto, eso es muy dificultoso, por qué alguien haría eso, etc." Sin embargo, vegetarianos saludables no pueden poner excusa, ¡y es buena cosa! Si puedes cambiar tu vida en un modo tan drástico, has comprobado que puedes lograr cualquier cosa.

4. La vida parece más brillante.
No digo que los vegetarianos no pueden pasar por tiempos malos, pero muchos días regulares se viven con los ojos bien abiertos. Gracias a la tercera razón, siempre hay tiempo de mejorar, y eso puede ser más fácil de lo que pensabas. Cuando alimentas tu cuerpo bien, te sientes bien físicamente y mentalmente.  Te puedes sentir bien emocionalmente también y superar cualquier obstáculo de la vida con mejor facilidad.

5. CUALQUIERA puede disfrutar la comida vegetariana.
"Me choca que te convertiste vegetariano, porque ahora no puedes probar tanta comida o puedo compartir comida contigo", que chistoso omnívoro. Envés de pensar que la vida humana gira en torno de la carne, sal y experimenta nuevas y deliciosas comidas sin carne. Un pescatariano, vegetariano, vegano, y otros no pueden comerse una hamburguesa de carne real, pero un omnívoro puede tomarse un licuado de fruta o una quesadilla con espinacas. Nadie está excluido, y eso hace vegetarianismo uno de los más unicos y especiales estilos de vida. No se rajen, veganos, ustedes también cuentan. ~.o

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  1. I often think about becoming vegetarian. I don't even eat meat that often but I do really like chicken. I think thats whats holding me back at the moment!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. lol Chicken was the hardest for me too. I already didn't eat pork, turkey, and fish.

  2. Replies
    1. Gracias gemela de cumpleaños.<3
      Muchos besos. ~.o

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, and have a lovely Easter weekend!

  4. I made so many excuses before I went fully vegetarian. More than 20 years on, I honestly don't miss eating meat. It's so easy to be veggie these days x

    1. I hear you on that. Becoming a vegetarian and sticking to it is such a great accomplishment. And it's definitely become easier now than even a couple of years ago.

  5. Though I am not a vegetarian, it is a good opportunity to think about a vegetarian.
    Thank you very much for your words!


    1. It's really nice that you're understanding. :)
      Some people just don't get it; thank you for stopping by!

  6. Un gran post! Besos


  7. Replies
    1. And you are too sweet!
      Thank you, Tweedles.<3

  8. I love being a vegetarian. I've never felt better in my own skin! :)


    1. That's like music to my ears.<3 hahah
      How long have you been a vegetarian? :)

  9. Gracias por apuntar los privilegios, sí estoy de acuerdo :]
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Que bueno que te gustaron. Siempre deberíamos mirar lo positivo. :)

  10. I agree with your points! :D
    Being vegetarian is a choice, and it gains happiness. Yippiee!


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