22 August, 2015

Adopt Don't Shop: Dracüla's Story.

This is a short true story about my little Dracüla. She is my kitten companion that I adopted from Mexico. She was the smallest and quietest of the bunch. After giving her the proper vaccinations, we crossed her over the border and brought her to the United States. Five months later, she is a cannonball of a kitten. Seriously, she does somersaults across my face! After doing some research, I found out that Dracüla's breed is a Snowshoe cat which ranges from $65O-$1,OOO! I adopted her for $2 and paid $3 for her vaccinations. There are so many beautiful animals all over the world looking for furever homes; I can't imagine what her life would have been like had I never seen her under all of those kittens.
If you're planning on having an animal companion, I strongly consider adoption. This method is a money saver, the animals have a higher chance of being healthier, and you'd be doing them a favor by rescuing one more life from euthanizing. Tell me your adoption stories or what type of animal companion you'd like to adopt in the future. Don't forget to join my blog to never miss a new blog post! Fun Fact: Dracüla is a Pisces. She loves bath time and adores playing with bubbles.

Adopta No Compres: Historia de Dracüla.
Esta es una historia corta y verdadera sobre mi puequeña Dracüla. Ella es mi gatita compañera que adopté de México. Era la más pequeña y tranquila del grupo. Después de agarrar sus vacunas, la cruzamos a los Estados Unidos. Cinco meses despues, es una gatita con mucha energía. ¡En serio hace marometas sobre mi cara! Después de hacer investigación, ¡descubrí que la raza de ella se llama Snowshoe (Zapatos de nieve) que va desde $8,5OO-$17,OOO (pesos)! La adopté por $5 y page $7 por las vacunas. Hay tantos animales hermosos en todo el mundo que buscan una casa permanente; no puedo imaginar como sería su vida si nunca la uviera visto debajo de todos los otros gatitos.
Si estas planeando a tener un animal de compañía, considera adoptando. Ahorras dinero, la mayoría de las veces resultan ser más sanos, y les harías un favor por salvarlos de la eutanasia. Dime tus historias de adoptación o qué tipo de animal compañero deseas adoptar en el futuro. ¡No se te olvide unirte a mi blog para que nunca pierdas una entrada nueva!
Dato Curioso: Dracüla es un Piscis. Le encanta su hora de baño y adora jugar con burbujas.

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  1. Me ha encantado tu post muy buena recomendacion!!besos

  2. Very beautiful kitten!
    I also wish all kitten are happy!


  3. Aww Dracula is adorable!! I would adopt a kitten if I weren't allergic :(
    Great post! :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  4. She sounds so adorable and looks super cute <3
    This is a great post once again!
    A friend of mine adopted an adult cat and she was told that the cat was really timid and quiet.
    But the cat turned out to be an energetic and talkative one :) A loving family brings out one's true personality!

    We can't have pets in our current apartment but we'd love to have a cat in the future. Adopting sounds great!

  5. Oh my she is so adorable, you just have to laugh at how playful and mischievous they are!


  6. What a beautiful , beautiful kitty,,, and she looks sooo sweet!
    This is such a wonderful story that you have shared!

  7. What a beautiful kitty!! Adopting pets is so sweet. I have three adopted cats, and one of them ended up being a Turkish Angora, which is also a very expensive breed. I was so surprised!

  8. Apoyo lo que dices, además de que es una monada! Yo tuve un perrito, hace unos años que murió y no lo compré, me lo dieron de una camada de cachorrillos que acaban de tener.

    Mil besos! xx

  9. Such an amazing cat! And a lovely story :)

  10. Send my hello-nice-to-meet-you hug to Dracula!

    I have promised myself to adopt a cat or dog someday. But for now, I think I can't commit to guard 'em 24 hours straight and my house isn't actually animal friendly. :')

  11. you are very beautiful! and that's a lovely cat! we have about like almost 20 cats here but they're all from neighbors and chose to stay here since mom always feed them :D keep in touch!

  12. Yes! I totally support this! Give some little creature a chance to survive!

  13. ¡Es preciosa! Mis ahora 4 gatitos son todos adoptados y rescatados de las calles. Ademas de que ahorras dinero como tu bien dices, le otorgas a un animalito la oportunidad de ser muy feliz :) tu gatita es preciosa. Besitos


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