19 October, 2016

Our Constellations ☄ Nuestras Constelaciones

Frederick De Wit, Amsterdam 1680

Constellations are bright stars that people since ancient times would connect to form figures.
Twelve of them make up the astrological horoscope, but there are over 88 constellations around the Earth. Astronomers do not consider astrology to be a science.

Ancient Greeks and other civilizations created constellations of heroes and mythological animals. If these images were made out of folklore, then why are they so important in astronomy? Just as we use maps to learn about different parts of the world, constellations are guides to the different parts of space that surround us. They serve as coordinates that help astronomers study certain areas of our solar system.
Stars that make a constellation are generally not close to each other in space. They are just brighter than others and create certain shapes or forms from Earth's view. Some are closer to Earth while others are farther back. What seem to be neighboring stars are in fact thousands of miles away from each other.

The constellations tell stories from ancient people and help astronomers pinpoint areas to examine. They're the map of our night sky and the stars in each constellation are more far apart than seen through the human eye.

¿Have you ever found or created a constellation?
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  1. you can't really see stars in summer in Finland because the sun never sets.
    but in winter you can see them when walking home from school... :')
    especially in the countryside! because there's so little artificial lighting.

    I loved to stare at the stars when I was a kid but never came up with any stories about them... :<

    1. It tends to be that way for most places up north. :D
      I'd love to have a view like that!

      Awww it's okay! I used to admire them all the time as a kid too. :)

  2. I took my son to the Planetarium in London when he was a little boy and he loved it. We learned more about stars that day than I knew existed.
    Lynne x

    1. Planetariums are both so fun and educational! Those must be some very beautiful memories. :)

  3. Oh lo desconocia por completo!!besos

  4. Ooohh, I love sky gazing! To be honest, I'd much rather look at the stars than clouds.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Clouds our beautiful, but the stars can tell you much more. :D


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