29 December, 2016

New Year, New You? ✍ ¿Nuevo Año, Nuevo Tú?


New year resolutions? Not my thing. 2O16 was one of the saddest years in the entertainment business as we lost many talented people from Latin American, European, and American cultures. It's a sign of a generation that is coming to an end. For me, this was the year of observation. These deaths reminded me of how precious our time on Earth is. So for that, I wrote six things I find helpful to take into every year because to me, living a life full of regrets is not a life to be proud of.

Be more outspoken.
Growing up shy is not fun. Don't run your mouth either. Speak your honest opinion when it's asked for and if something makes you very uncomfortable, say it and give a good explanation. No need to get aggressive or start arguments. In other words, be nice but assertive.

Eat more veggies.
If you're not already a vegetarian or vegan, you don't have to be. Eating more vegetables and grains than meat will boost your energy, complexion, and brain power. Not to mention that it reduces the risk of serious illnesses. Add exercise and you're on your way to a better lifestyle!

Feed negativity less.
People complain and gossip about other people all of the time. Focusing less on the problems of others gives way to more important thoughts. A good thing to always remember on this issue is that disliking a person means they have something that you want.
Feed ambitions more.
My 97 year-old grandpapa (& still living) told me that life passes us without notice. One day you're 15 and the next day you're 9O. Doing what you wanted during times of revolutions and wars was tough, but people pulled through thanks to their ambition. We've always been told that time is not in our favor, but we can synchronize with it if we keep our ambitions high.

Money can buy happiness.
Money can buy false love, but it can also help make someone genuinely happy. Money comes and goes; use it on the things that really matter and will keep you satisfied. Here, stability is key. Make sure to afford the lifestyle you want to live.

Reach for the ground, not the stars.
No one ever did anything important without observing their surroundings first. Even astronomers looked at nature to find answers about the cosmos. Keep your head in the game and not in the clouds.

Here's to having an even better new year! Let's make 2O17 the year of positive growth. America, I know it's tough, but even Donald Trump can't control your actions!
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  1. Trump will sure will try sadly.

    1. I have a prediction that he won't be as bad as we think. However, it is embarrassing to know that he'll be the president.

  2. wooooow pug *-*
    its so cute <3
    Hugs from Brasil <3


  3. Buenos propositos :D este 2016 intente alejarme de gente toxica y fue muy bueno ahora me falta mejorar en mis ambiciones X3!

    1. Gracias Mariana. :)
      Siempre es importante de cuidarnos de esss cosas.

  4. Great affirmations, especially "reach for the ground, not the stars". Wow, I LOVE it!!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you, Dulce!
      It's the best mentality. :)

  5. I like 'feed negativity less' so true. Happy New Year to you Adi, warmest of wishes as always all the way from rainy wet Wales, Shaheen

    1. Agreed. I honestly wish Los Angeles was different, but we've gotta work our way around the (for lack of a better term) crap. :)
      Happy New Year, Shaheen!

  6. omg your hair <3 sooo cute!!! >w<
    loving this post too! great tips :)

    1. Glad you like it! :D
      Happy New Year to you two!<33


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