04 January, 2017


Click / Clic: "Enero" by Adi Roblés. 2O17

My favorite things about the beginning of the year are cloudy days and the rain. Rain is a blessing whenever we can receive it here in Los Angeles, so I'm ecstatic every time it pours!
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Mi cosas favoritas del principio del año son días nublados y lluvia. La lluvia es como una bendición cuando ocurre aquí en Los Ángeles, así que me pongo extática cada ves que llueve!
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  1. I live on well-water (you have to be responsible for your own pump but there is no water bill period) so rain is good

  2. I quite like the rain, it's cozy in the winter. Love your drawing <3

    xx BASH   ||   HEY BASH

  3. Happy New Year Adi and may 2017 be a fantastic year for you.
    I am not keen on the rain, it rains too much in the UK, but understand your appreciation.

  4. such romantic picture ; w ; loving the lovely pastel shades


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